The first International Workshop in

“Serving Governance through Intelligent Systems” 2021



We are please to announce the first International workshop in “Serving Governance through Intelligent Systems” (SEGIS2021).

This workshop aims to:

  • create a multidisciplinary  and inclusive forum to access the power of the impact of Artificial Intelligence in various areas;
  • enthus young people, in general, and young scientist and  academics o the social science in artificial intelligence;
  • build up a steady international interdisciplinary community of researchers to exchange ideas on the European projects.

The workshop will get together academicians and researchers who are adopting artificial intelligence solutions in the fields of communication, education, defense and engineering. Form this activity we expect that:

  • social scientists trained in the Artificial Intelligence can generate an ecosystem of trust and excellence in their fields;
  • barriers among science, society and the academy in relation to AI be broken;
  • AI problems in models associated with social sciences and in the professional field linked to them can be anticipated.

The workshop is organized in four tracks:

  • Track 1: Education
  • Track 2: Information and Communication
  • Track 3: Security and Defense
  • Track 4: Engineering
  • Track 5: Finance and Business

The workshop will be organized online considering the pandemic situation.